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Muslim Group 3 Days Itenrary

3 Days/ 2 Nights, Holy land Itinerary | Sample Itinerary | Aqsa Mosque Visit |

Starting & Ending from Allenby Bridge ‘King Hussein’ Border Crossing

Day 1: Jericho - Jerusalem

Meet and assist at Allenby Bridge. After the customs clearance, we drive towards Jericho for a visit and Lunch. Viewing the famous Mount of Temptation (Mount Qarantal), traditionally known as the mountain Jesus Christ (Nabi Issa) (PBUH) stayed and fasted on top for forty days and forty nights during which he was tempted by the devil. Now the place is reached by cable car and houses a Greek Orthodox Monastery. The city of Jericho, also known as the city of Palm Trees is considered one of the oldest cities continuously inhabited in the world (10,000 Years Old). We leave Jericho to start climbing up west heading for Jerusalem. On our way we stop by Maqam Nabi Mousa (PBUH) for a visit. Then, we proceed to the Mount of Olives. Visiting Maqam Salman Al Farisi –One of the Sahaba of Profit Mohammed (PBUH), we also visit Maqam Rabia’a Al Adawiyyah -one of the earliest Sufi women in Islam. Later, we go to the infamous Panoramic View on top of the Mount of Olives to view Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock. After that we drive to your hotel for Check In and dinner.

“Your Tour Guide will meet with you if you want at the lobby of the hotel one hour after check in, to show you the way to Al Aqsa mosque, so you can attend the Maghreb & Isha’a prayers (Jame’e Taqdim). It is also important for you to see the way to the Mosque for the dawn prayer”.

“In general, our company tries always to book you in a hotel with a walking distance from the Mosque in-order to make it easier for its respectful clients to attend the prayers Jama’a at the third holiest mosque for Muslims. And if that was not possible then we provide a bus to be at your service for the prayers”.

Day 2: Hebron - Bethlehem

After breakfast, we drive to the city of Hebron “Khalil Al Rahman” for a visit of the Ibrahimi mosque and the Maqamat of (Ibrahim PBUH & Sara his wife, Ishaq PBUH & Rifqa his wife). Later, we drive to the mosque of Prophet Younus PBUH to visit his Maqam. After, we drive to the city of Bethlehem for a visit of the place of Birth of Jesus Christ-Prophet Issa PBUH- and then we go for lunch;

Next, we drive back to Jerusalem to visit Maqam Nabi Daoud and Omar Mosque. From there we walk through the Old City of Jerusalem to visit Al-Buraq wall where Mohammed PBUH tied his Buraq on his night Journey of Isra’a & Miraj. After that, we go to the Al Aqsa mosque to visit/view the Buraq mosque and the metal chain inside it.

Day 3: Jerusalem

After breakfast and check out from our hotel we go to visit the Al Aqsa Mosque & the Dome of the Rock and spend time in the two mosques for prayers and explanations. Later, we head to the Jordan River area to cross back to the Jordanian side.


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