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Officially called the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Jordan is considered to be one of the safest and most stable countries in the region. It is classified as a country of “high human development” and has enjoyed an advanced status with the European Union since 2010.

Jordanians pride themselves as generous, passionate and welcoming people. Regardless of where you are coming from you will be greeted with nothing but courtesy and hospitability. When we talk about Jordan we can’t miss out its gem Petra; the site of Jerash that is considered as one of the best examples of a Roman City outside of Italy; Mount Nebo which is mentioned in the bible as the place where Moses was granted a view of the Promised Land that he would never enter, and the infamous Wadi Rum with its spectacular views, characteristics and history.

Petra, Jordan’s gem

When travellers think of Jordan, they immediately and subconsciously think of Petra, the Indiana Jones and Lawrence of Arabia movies. Petra is indeed the most dramatic “ lost city” in the world and one of the most spectacular and unique ancient city carved out of the rock by the native Nabateans tribe in the first century A.D. This extraordinary city was hidden in the mountains of Petra for thousands of years, its temples, tombs and other buildings are all carved out of the sandstone cliffs, which also gives it the name the “Rose Red City”

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